Thank You Open to All Businesses for Building a More Inclusive America!

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3 min readDec 16, 2020


As 2020 — one of the toughest years in recent memory — draws to a close, we’re grateful to supporters like you, who have made this year a success despite the incredible and unprecedented challenges. This year, Open to All continued to grow, adding 200,000 new businesses, and we now have over half a million businesses who are committed to the vision and values of Open to All. It’s truly inspiring to see how our communities have come together to change the way we do business. Thank you for your commitment to being Open to All!

Open to All companies, big and small, are going the extra mile to show that everyone matters. And we are providing members with free tools to succeed:

  • This year, Open to All co-produced a Respect & Inclusion e-Learning video and business resource toolkit. We teamed up with Yelp to distribute the video and an array of diversity, equity, and inclusion resources to 500,000 businesses.
  • We briefed businesses about how the pandemic impacted communities of color, and 25 major Open to All businesses from across the country committed to addressing racial disparities by signing on to an Open to All letter urging the business community to examine and work to combat the disparities and discrimination that have caused the COVID-19 global crisis to disproportionately impact Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.
  • This summer, when our country was having important and long overdue conversations about hate violence and ongoing injustice experienced by the Black community, we worked with our coalition to issue a powerful statement calling on the business community to do more to end systemic racism.

We envision a world in which businesses welcome everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from. We couldn’t have done this without the support and dedication of everyone who believes in fairness and equity.

We are a small nonprofit organization and we can’t do it alone. Please support our work with a donation of $50.

If you can’t chip in, we understand. With so many struggling, it’s a hard thing to ask.

There are other ways you can support Open to All:

Open to All is a campaign to transform America. We believe we all have something to contribute. We believe we can all learn from one another. We believe when businesses commit to supporting their employees, customers and communities, we all benefit.

Join us as we head into a new year with a renewed commitment to this work. Until then, stay healthy and safe.

In solidarity,

Calla Rongerude
Open to All Director

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Open to All

At a time of deep divisions, we’re joining together from all walks of life and work to build a thriving and inclusive nation where all are welcome.